Welcome to Shatayurved.com. Ayurveda is fast becoming the treatment that is taking precendence not only in India but in foriegn countries too. It would serve no justice to explain Ayurveda in a few lines. Ayurveda is just not a treatment but a enligment towards leading a healthy life. Shatayu Clinic aims to be the path or means towards the engligment towards healthy life vis Ayurveda. The clinic is headed by Dr Bhagyashree Patil(B.A.M.S). Dr Bhagyashree Patil has rich experience ,providing result oriented ayurvedic and panchkarma treatements.


Our Strengths

  • Ayurvedic, Panchkarma, Yoga and Diet Planning, all in one stop

  • Complete dedication and personal attention towards every patient

  • Treatments suggested only if required

  • Specialization and successful results in treament of various skin diseases(Need sking diseases names),arthritis,fits.




    Ayurveda comprises of 2 parts "Shaman" and "Shodhan". Shaman is treatment by means of oral medicines and Shodhan(popularly known as Panchkarma is treayment by means of detoxificatoin of the body.

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